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About Kripanidhi Trust

The Trust was formed initially because the special school Nireekshe needed financial help and support. It was formed in 2009 and has been running the Special School Nireekshe and has been conducting many workshops to special educators and parents of the special children.

Shortly the Trust is looking at buying a plot of at least 1 or 2 acres of land and build own building to start exclusive special school with all therapies and facilities on house with residential facilities.

It plans to purchase buses and vans to transport the special children to come to school and drop back to their homes.

It also is looking for setting up a pre vocational training for the differently able who is above 14 years of age and set up a sheltered workshop. The sheltered workshop will provide job opportunities for special children and the profits received by selling the products manufactured will be distributed among the children, as wages or salaries.

The Trust is seriously thinking of starting special education courses and technical courses for training the special educators in Mysore because there is no such course, available in Mysore for Autism, Mental retardation and learning disability.

It also aims at starting branches in the rural areas in and around Mysore city and provide services to the severe and profound cases who are restrained to home and there is no awareness about training such children among the parents, who cannot afford to come to urban special schools. All these services are planned to provide free without any monetary expectations.