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Activities of Open School 'Nireekshe'.

    Having defined clear cut objectives, Nireekshe is striving hard & has set about achieving the same.

Nireekshe Offers...

Special education - Play & Learning Activities - Play Therapy - Learning by doing - Day care - Psycho educational evaluation - Family counseling and guidance.

  •   Group & individual counseling sessions.
  •  Awareness camps for the teachers of the mainstream schools to recognize,      identify and suggest remedies for the learning disabled & the slow learners.
  •   Screening camps.
  •   Summer camps every year with educational and recreational objectives.
  •   Periodical meetings of parents and children.
  •   Recreational trips & outings with the special children and their families.

     Nireekshe operates temporarily from a rented small space. The Kripanidhi Trust® would like to build a corpus fund to have an adequate space and structure of its own, recruit more professional and technically qualified staff.

Apart from these Nireekshe regularly organizes Speech Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Dance Therapy, Meditation and Pre Vocational Trainings throughout the year.

Our Future Focus:

  •    Residential school and learning centre
  •    Pre-Vocational training to special children to make them self sufficient
  •    Free education & legal aid to poor
  •    Right to life
  •    Communal Harmony
  •    Protection of childhood
  •    Quality and relevant education for special kids
  •    Women empowerment.

You can find some of our childrens and there activities snaps on Gallery